How is the staff hired, screened and trained?

  • All staff goes through an interview process where we check previous employment and references.
  • All final candidates will have to clear a National Background check.
  • All staff if trained and hired by CEO and Athletic Director which has over 35 years in management and over 30 years of coaching and working with youth.
  • All staff is trained in our safety regulations, emergency procedures, child communication, behavior management.

What is the camper to counselor ratio?

  • For every 25 kids, there is:
    • 1 Head Counselor
      • 1 Assistant Counselor
        • 2 Junior Counselors (HS Volunteers)

When are the campers supervised?

  • Campers are supervised the whole day 7:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • All camp activities will be done during 9 am – 4 pm
  • Before and after care free time is supervised as well

Do you provide snacks and lunch?

  • We do provide snacks (pre-packaged) such as chips, cookies, crackers and sometimes ice pops. *WE DO CHECK ALL OUR SNACKS FOR NUTS*
  • We DO NOT PROVIDE LUNCH – Lunch needs to be provided by the guardians.
    • We do have a fridge and a microwave to accommodate any needs.

What is the pick-up and drop off policy?

  • When you register your child for our camps you will fill out an authorize pick up list.
  • You will place two as the main pick up and the rest on the list will be alternates.
  • There will be a sign in sheet for pick up.
  • From office will check in kids in the morning.

What is the range of children attending camp?

  • Sports Camp: 5 – 15
  • Basketball: 10 – 17
  • Volleyball: 10 – 17

Camp refund policy?

  • If you decide to change your mind 30 days out from you start date you will lose your registration fee.
  • If you decided to pull your registration 15 days out from your start date you will lose your registration fee and 15% of your registration
  • If you decide to pull your registration the day off camp or do not show up – there will be no refund option and the balance will be put on your account as a credit.
  • If your child dislikes the camp you will be issued a credit to use on any of our other services we offer.

What is our return rate?

  • Hotshots Athletics camps have 91% return rate on all of our camps. We have been doing camps now for over 7 years and have 5,000 kids within our summer camp program. We even have a lot of kids come back and work for us since they like our camps so much!

How do you handle conflict between campers?

  • If a situation happens that is deemed inappropriate between campers. We will speak to the parties involved about the situation and break down how is could have been handled better and the right action in case something does occur again.
  • The counselor who handled the altercation will put an incident plan together and keep I filed away for our records.
  • We will also put an action plan together with kids and will staff to make sure another incident does not occur again.
  • Parents/guardians from parties involved will be notified about the incident.

How do you handle separation anxiety?

  • In the case of separation anxiety, we do our best to make the children feel welcome. If you feel like your child will suffer separation anxiety we recommend that you bring them early to camp so they can personally meet all the staff and they can break down plans for the day and activities they will be engaging in. We have noticed if we make the kids feel that they are in a routine with our staff and feel more like the camp is personalized for them they are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety.